That'll Rattle - Bennie the Bunny by Everyday Educate™

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That'll Rattle
Calming Sensory Rattle

"okay.. I know... $20 for a baby rattle... wth? no. right?! wrong!!! This this is really great. Seriously. Got it when my daughter was about 3 months old. She wasn't super interested in it at first, but then as she grew, it helped with her dexterity as she could easily grasp it, & was interested in switching it from hand to hand. The light up portion of it, mixed with the rattle, has gotten her to stop crying on numerous car rides (I shake the rattle at her & bop it to make the light change, she watches in wonder) & she loves to chew on the yellow little nubs, as well as turning it upside down & chewing on the white lip where the mirror is. She also now just loves to bang it on things, or to just have it in her lap & she'll hit it to make the colors change. Yea the battery died after about 3 months because I'd toss it in the diaper bag, & it would just turn on & off a lot due to that. But so what, just replace it. It's great." - Vivien Stephen


TRAIN YOUR BABY TO LEARN EARLY: If you are training your baby to learn some music or simply for their entertainment, our Sensory Rattle will help! The cute faced toy available in various nice colors plays beautiful music (with adjustable volume) and its macaroon color non-glaring LED lights up warmly in the dark to calm and let your baby fall asleep!



SOFT & HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT: Bennie the bunny's ears are designed soft, flexible and durable to withstand your baby's teeth and the body is designed smooth, comfortable and long-body style for your baby's grip. The color beads embedded in the toy let your baby shake it to play soothing music.  

ALL IN ONE TOOL: With its 4-in-1 capabilities of music, rattle, sound hammer and teether, it is no wonder that your baby will not let go of it once it's with him/her! You can be assured your baby will be sure to like it very much! 





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