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"We gave these to Thanksgiving guests who were coming with their almost 5 month old. We were all delighted with his reaction - he had just discovered his feet and these made them even more wonderful. The wrist toys were great for gumming, too - altogether a hit. I am happy to say that the little critters are sewn on to the wrist and ankle straps so they are safe and won't easily be lost. These were a real winner!" - Ruth Russle



SCIENCE BASED EARLY LEARNING – Scientific studies into the healthy development of babies has lead to the creation of our adorable Ruffle Shuffle sensory rattles for toddlers. Studies show that infant vision capabilities include color vision for high contrast colors (black, white and red preferred) and contrast sensitivity for patterns with high contrast (such as stripes and dots). Our unique sensory baby toy is an investment for a future baby Einstein. Encourage your newborn babies to have better muscle improvement. Our Ruffle Shuffle rattle socks create rattle sound when baby shakes their feet and hands. It helps them to develop better coordination between hands and eyes. 


Everyday Educate


FACIAL RECOGNITION, DISTINGUISH PATTERS & SOUNDS – Help your baby develop hand, foot and eye co-ordination. Our irresistible smiling cute butterflies and lady bugs will entice your little tyke to touch, grab and look at them. This will help develop their hand, foot and eye co-ordination and the focusing of their attention on something interesting whilst their little developing minds strive to make sense of their big new world. Your little one will like their cute friends. The baby sock rattle is high contrast colors and patterns work to stimulate baby’s vision. It comes with breathable and soft knitted fabric, very comfortable for little kid to wear. When baby swings his little feet, the rattle will make a soft sound. It will help them to find out where is their little feet. Adorable animal and colorful design make this entire set of socks & wristbands as cute toys that your little one can play with. 

Everyday Educate

USAGE - Wristlet type with hook and loop, easy to wear and take off. Baby can wear on their wrist or take it down to grasp in the hand. Socks are 5.7 inches long, wristlets are 5 inches around.



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