Sensory Body Sack - Blue

Sensory Body Sack - Blue

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    • MULTI-SENSORY BODY SACK - This neat multi-sensory "time in" tool is excellent for providing calming/organizing deep pressure input, and for developing motor planning, spatial, and body awareness.

    • THE EVERYDAY EDUCATE DIFFERENCE - Sensory Sack body sacks are fabulous for tactile and deep pressure proprioceptive seekers, and for those who are tactile defensive.

    MOVE. FUN.

    • PERFECT FOR KIDS WITH AUTISM - A wonderful OT tool for kids who have autism, ADHD, or sensory integration challenges. A creation with comfortable design, so it will be safe and convenient when your children are playing with it

    • YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - You and I know gifts for children should be the best ones, so choose our high quality product and give your special peanut a surprise. Made of a machine washable, stretchy Lycra material. The ideal sizing for a Sensory Sack is as close as possible or slightly shorter than one's height– please refer to the sizing chart below

      Sizing Guide: Medium:  47” tall x 27” wide. Ideal for 6 to 10 year old


    This is awesome! The material is durable and well put together. I am using this in my special needs classroom as a sensory input option.This helps give my students what they need. I used this one one of my tallest students today (6') and it worked wonderfully! - Farrah


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