• Deanna

    What an awesome teacher you are. My son is 6 and was Dx with adhd and autism at 2. Fluorescent lights were a huge trigger for him. Some stores we avoided altogether. He was not a hat or sunglasses kid either. So I adjusted. Darker clothing and allowing him to turn the lights off whenever he wanted. Not initially though cause I didn’t get it. It was actually someone with experience telling me that that was his way of saying the lights were too bright. It doesn’t bother him as much now but he would still prefer a darker room. Thanks for what you do!

  • Lynn Armstrong

    Wow! That’s really crazy to think that the light affected them that much! I had a lot of trouble in college with the fluorescent lighting, despite not being on the spectrum. It made me feel more eye fatigue and overall just really hurt my eyes after long days of being in class.. Wish the professors would put covers over the lights like you did.

  • Breanna| Messy Buns and Mom Jeans

    This is such a great idea. I always had light sensitivity so I wish they did this in my school when I was still in there!

  • Amber

    Very good read. I have an ASD child and his teacher covers the lights this same way. Bright lights really overstimulate my son and some of his classmates with sensory needs.

  • Avanti Chaturvedi

    I am a teacher, and cannot emphasize the importance of a well-lit classroom enough. And by that I mean a perfectly balanced lighting. This is such a great post highlighting just that! Thank you for sharing!

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