Our Story

Everyday Educate was born out of a void in the education niche. A void that is becoming bigger as classrooms fill up and the attention needed for each child increases. Are our kids getting the proper education they need? In a more competitive world, are we able to teach them proper skills so they are ready for the real world? Are we equipping teachers and educators with the right products and tools so they can fulfill their calling? These and many related questions are what moved our founder, Argin Gerigorian, to start this company and promise to help children create a better future. Our world is getting more complex by the day; and according to the statistics, U.S education is falling behind in areas of math, science and reading comprehension compared to other countries. Our children need to be learning these and other critical topics daily. Will you join us on our mission to educate the future generation?

If so, we want to lay out who we are and what our mission is. We cannot change the education space on our own and need your help! We long for your suggestions, challenges, problems that you see in your classrooms, schools, dining rooms.

At Everyday Educate our mission is to advance education to every child, offering products and services designed to meet their specific needs. Our passion is for the advancement and education of your little learners! We yearn for them to develop Physically (body), Intellectually (mind), Emotionally (heart), Spiritually (soul) and Socially (with others).

We’re constantly learning, researching and testing better products and tools to help kids get to the heart of learning. If they see a reason for learning something, they’ll put more energy out in learning. Our products serve to help children play, laugh, retain more information, build bodily movement, and interact with others. Additionally, we’re constantly partnering with teachers, directors, counselors, home-schooling parents, and principals to gain their feedback on what’s working and not working. Ever parent and teacher is passionate for their children’s education, it is our calling! So let’s fulfill our call, and strive to teach children their everyday essentials! If we don’t educate our children, who will?

Argin Gerigorian
Chief Education Officer