• RonaldSwoth

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  • Live Well Choose Joy

    This is great to read about! I love the focus on how to make the environment better for the students and not a “one size fits all” mentality. Thanks for all you do as a teacher!!

  • Jen

    Such great advice on using math rotations to increase growth and math knowledge in students! As a mother of a 4th grader, I really appreciate the care and love you have for your students that shines through in your post.

  • Ann

    These are great ideas! Interacting with your students individually will help you know their strength and weaknesses which will guide you on the areas to work on. Making your expectations known will help you and the students work towards the goals with ease which helps with the overall improvement of the class.

  • Catherine

    We homeschool and maths is not the best loved subject however this may help thank you.

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