• Jennifer

    I love all of those ideas especially the weighted blanket

  • Sarah

    As both a teacher and a parent of a child with dyslexia and sensory processing disorder, I have seen first hand what a difference having the proper sensory diet can make. Having and implementing some of these objects/activities can make a major difference in a child’s functioning and ability to learn. Some days I wouldn’t know what to do without having our classroom sensory toy box, and calm down tent. I love pairing the sensory diet with the brain balance system by Dr. Robert Melillo.

  • Tiffany

    Such a great post! I have a feeling that my third daughter may need something like this, as she gets these bursts of sensory seeking behavior. I’ll definitely be mentioning this to her pediatrician at her next appointment.

  • Jennifer

    My little guy LOVES the swing. Every time we go to Occupational Therapy he runs straight for it! I need to invest in one for the house.

  • Live Learn

    This is a great post and beneficial, the name sensory diet can be very confusing at first. Thanks for explaining.

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