Job Opening

Role: Sr Amazon Ops Manager

Description of Role:

Amazon Strategy Leadership

  • Keep up to date on changes on Amazon and ensure we are compliant with guidelines and terms of service
  • Work with Visionary to take proposed strategies from MDS (Million Dollar Sellers) and evaluate the fit for our brand.
  • Translate strategies from MDS into SOPs
  • Team Development and Management.
  • Identify any necessary resources and make recommendations.
  • Manage hiring part-time, full-time or freelance workers related to operations and be responsible for their output
  • Coach and mentor team members and to help elevate everyone's output.


Inventory Management

  • Create and maintain up-to-date central records of product specifications (spreadsheets
  • Review current inventory tracking methods and propose/implement new procedures.
  • Perform daily analysis to highlight current/future inventory problems.
  • Produce detailed reports on inventory operations, stock levels and adjustments.
  • Troubleshoot Amazon inventory issues.

Order Fulfillment and Logistics Management

  • Liaise with suppliers, freight forwarders and delivery partners.
  • Record shipments incoming/outgoing and ensure stock levels reflect changes.
  • Create and monitor inbound performance of FBA shipments
  • Create shipping labels

Reporting / Data Analysis

  • As an expert in spreadsheets you will apply your extensive knowledge of formulae to improve all current data presentation and analysis methodology
  • Develop scalable methods to extract and clearly present data from across the various business sectors.
  • Produce weekly reports that show top-level and finer detailed information.
  • Conduct weekly calls with the Management Team

Process Improvements

  • Partner with management to review/revamp current filing structure of all business documents/files
  • Lead the creation of SOPs for all areas of the business.
  • Advise on and implement appropriate software/systems to automate all repeatable business tasks where possible.

Listing Optimization

  • Edit product detail pages - images, titles, bullets, descriptions
  • Keyword research
  • Use flat-files for variations
  • Store page design, EBC
  • Deal with listing errors, suppressed, merged ASINs

Launch Management

  • Develop and implement an Amazon Launch Strategy
  • Manage the launches for new products and develop metrics to measure success
  • Create reports for sr. mgmt that shows the KPIs and the results for each launch

Amazon Marketplace Expansion

  • Work on getting Amazon. Canada back to a good place
  • Set up Amazon UK and EU
  • Explore other marketplaces and evaluate fit

Pay: $1450 per month