• The Tree Hugger In Heels

    We also have this blanket! While it works for calming when he’s awake, it didn’t work at night for us. We did find a sensory sleeve sheet that has worked wonders! It’s kind of like a compression sheet …same idea just different approach.

  • Alanda

    Thanks for the insight. I’m going to consider getting one for my 6 year-old.

  • Sandra Tanner

    Great article! And just in time for cooler weather. I will definitely get one for my 7 year old.

  • Katie

    Loved your input! I bought one for my husband for his birthday. He has stressed induced epilepsy and has been having a lot of seizures due to anxiety so I bought him a weighted blanket to see if it helps. I am excited to try it.

  • Motherhood+Mayhem

    I worked with Autistic preschoolers and many of them had weighted blankets at home. I would highly recommend them. I’ve also heard of adults using them at night for restless leg syndrome. Great article! :)

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