• Silver

    These are excellent tips. Thank you for sharing them.

  • Sara

    I love all the suggestions that you give for calming down in the room. Although I am not a teacher in the classroom currently, I have nephew with special needs. These tools would be really useful for him!

  • Shelly

    Thank you for sharing! This is greatly needed in today’s society.

  • Bryony Shaw

    Briefing always important, in fact everything is essential! Great post to help people who need advice

  • Sherry

    As a fellow special education teacher, I find your post to be completely on point! I love that you mention there is no time frame for the cool-down procedure. It truly is a process that is much quicker for some to work through than others. Weighted blankets and light covers are classroom items that are beneficial for so many. I find I even do better with the use of light covers. The lighting in schools is often terrible!

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