Fidget Widget Bands - Bouncy Chair Bands - Set of 12

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Do Your Kids Get Fidgety and Have Restless Leg Syndrome?

  • TEACHERS LOVE OUR FIDGET WIDGET BANDS: Teachers love how our Fidget Bands are quiet and don't disturb or distract other students, they also notice an immediate change in their classrooms once the children start using the bands. The class becomes a more focused and aware environment, being able to retain the lesson better.

Fidget Away. . .

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"Love that this comes with a pack of 12 so we can have them set up in multiple places! My daughter loves them because it gets her excited to do homework! She’s a very fidgety girl so these have helped her concentrate better!" - Sammi G.

  • EFFECTIVE FOR FOCUS AND ATTENTION: Our Fidget Widget Bands are thick, flexible, durable latex rubber bands for chairs designed to increase focus and attention creating a positive outlet for their energy!  Trusted in more than 2,300 classroom by over 1,000 teachers! 

  • QUIET AND LONG LASTING: These bouncing bands from Everyday Educate are perfect for all teachers who want to help their already fidgeting students by self-regulation and self-overseeing and show improvements in learning from the students all the while remaining quiet and maintaining the order in the class

For Teachers, Educators & Moms!

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  • EASY INSTALLATION: Simply stretch the fidget chair bands over the front two legs of a chair or slide it in the feet of your school desks and have your kids go all out. The fidgeting bands are one loop that easily stretches around the two front legs of a school chair. This set of 12 makes it so that every student has their own band to fidget with.

Do Your Students Have
Fidgety Feet?

Do Your students kick on the floor, making lots of noise, and distracting the other students?  This can be a manifestation of anxiety, stress, and/or of autism or ADHD.  Check out how to use our Fidget Widget Chair Bands to help children cope with ADHD, written by one of our many partner parents.  


  • OUR PROMISE TO YOU: Based out of Los Angeles, Everyday Educate strives for better education for ALL, and stands for the advancement and education for ALL people. If there are any issues whatsoever with your fidget bands, please reach out to us and we'll send you a replacement or a full refund. We're here for you! 

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