Cozy Covers! Light Covers for Classroom or Office - Set of 4

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Tired of Flickering Lights in Your Classroom or Office?

Do you rub your eyes often or feel irritated from harsh fluorescent lights?

What do you do when you have a lot of bright lights and want your kids to study in a calm, stress free zone? That’s where our Cozy Covers come in! The best light covers for your class or office!  

  • DECREASE GLARE IN YOUR ROOM: Maintain a comfortable and cozy environment in the classroom, bedroom or office by decreasing glare or flickering of fluorescent lights. With our perfect light covers for florescent lights!

Magnets Make it Easy to Install

  • REDUCE STRESS ON YOUR STUDENTS EYES: Harsh strong lights can cause eyestrain, headaches, migraines, even anxiety for children. Use these covers for a calm glow of a room and reduce stress and avoid photophobia or light sensitivity on their eyes. 

  • SET OF 4 FABRIC PANELS: They fit perfectly over standard 48" by 24" ceiling light fixtures with strong sewn in magnets for a easy installation. Magnets sewn into seams allow for single or double swags on each fixture

Trusted by Teachers, Everywhere

These Cozy Covers are a must-have for your classroom supply. Not only does it help in improving your space to make it more conducive in learning, having appropriate lighting in your room can also help in stress management as fluorescent lights tend to cause migraines, less concentration, and anxiety over time.  


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"I put these up in my classroom, and there's an immediate difference. The lighting is not simply dimmed, it is changed to a comfortable spectrum. Think - glaring white, softened to a light that actual gives more clarity and helps vision. Eyestrain is reduced greatly, makes concentration better." - Vikki C.

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