• Jennifer

    I bought a weighted blanket from Target last week and I am in love. It’s a little big for our youngest one so our oldest son who also experiences anxiety / sensory is using it. He can’t get enough of it. I kinda like it too!

  • Stephanie

    Love this! I have heard about these blankets and also some people recommended them for my son as he had some trouble falling asleep, I always wondered if they really work. I think they will work wonders for me as I can get really anxious but also for those days my little one is battling with anxiety!

  • Lorena

    This is amazing and in perfect time for the cool weather. I need one of these for my own anxiety =)

  • Rachel

    I have been debating on buying one. My son has been really struggling with his anxiety and it is worse at bedtime.

  • Melissa

    Great post. I’ve considered a weighted blanket for one of my children.

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